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Where to Look for Free Math Homework Help: Directions for the First-Timers

Math homework can be one of the most difficult and most challenging assignments students will ever encounter in their academic lives. No matter what level of math you take, there is a great chance that at one point or another you will find assignments that are so confusing that it seems almost impossible to keep up in class. For those who first encounter problems there are a few places where you can look for free math homework help. Here are a few suggestions:

Homework Help Centers

All students should visit their local homework help center at least once or twice a semester. These places are filled with resources such as study guides, alternate textbooks, reference sheets as well as several tutors and educators who can help you on an individual basis. Homework help centers offer plenty of opportunities for students to catch up and get help on the specific assignments they receive in class, so they make for excellent supplemental help.

Online Math Tutoring Sites

The internet has made it easier for students to get help without leaving the comfort of their home. Online math tutoring sites bring assistance on this specific subject by connecting students with volunteer tutors who can answer questions on the spot or respond in matter of hours with detailed explanations on how to properly solve a problem.

Academic Websites

Both affiliated and unaffiliated academic sites are great places to find up-to-date math assistance that is gathered and maintained by dedicated educators looking to offer a single source of help for thousands of students. Unlike the assistance one would find at a homework help center or receive from a tutor, the lessons on these sites are general but offer valuable alternatives to solving problems. Sometimes it’s not that a student doesn’t get a concept but rather doesn’t understand how it was explained in class. Academic websites offer a different view point to reaching solutions.

Peer Study Groups

If you consider yourself more of a social person you may want to join or start a peer study group to complete your homework assignments. In addition to being a great exercise in social networking and relationship building, working in groups has been quite effective in developing the skills needed to work independently. Learn from those around you and reinforce your own knowledge by teaching others what you have come to understand. Participation is key so pick a group that is small enough that you can contribute effectively.