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Tricks for dummies: how to find online accounting homework help

Accounting courses are tricky for all students. And every student can benefit from homework help here and there. So how can you find online accounting homework help?

  1. It all begins with a search.
  2. If you want help with a specific lesson you are learning you should skim over the lesson until you find the name of the process or resource you are studying. For example: “Double entry accounting” might be the lesson you are covering. If so you want to enter those keywords into a search engine. You should use a handful of search engines and not confine yourself to just one because each search engine uses a unique algorithm to rank websites and some might have vastly different search results than others.

  3. Narrow down the results.
  4. Once you have a list of websites that pop up in response to your keyword it is time to evaluate the websites and narrow down the results. You can easily take the first results and click on them to see what they have to say about the lesson you are learning.

    • Look for examples that you don’t have in your book. The more examples you have the more exposure you will get to the lesson and the better your mind will be able to retain it.
    • Look for clear instructions that show you what steps were taken in the examples provided. There are many websites out there that might provide you with articles and text-only information regarding your subject matter but you will learn better if there are visual examples. And speaking of visuals…
    • Look for a website that offers visuals. Because you aren’t in a physical classroom setting you need to find a website that compensates for this with multiple diagrams or cartoons or videos. All manner of available media should be integrated into the right homework help website so that you have a variety of tools to review when it comes to learning.

    Look out for homework help sources that require money. You can find many free tools online that will help to reinforce lessons you learned and there is no reason that you should be required to pay extra for free online resources. If a website is outdated you should also avoid it because that means it is not looked after and hasn’t been updated with current tactics or information.