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15 Helpful 8th Grade Math Homework Tips

Grade 8 is the final year of middle school, the year when you begin preparing for high school. The level you achieve on a standardized Math test during 8th grade determines placement in Math classes for the first year in high school. The importance of Math homework as an opportunity to hone your skills should not be underrated. 

Common Core Standards Students Learn in Grade 8

During Grade 8, the new Common Core State Standards for Math require that you focus on rational and irrational numbers, expressions and equations, functions, geometry, statistics and probability, and mathematical practices. Some of what you learn will be an extension of what you learned during previous years. Other topics, however, may be completely new. 

Tips for Helping Students with 8th Grade Math

  • Believe in yourself. You can master of the material by the end of the term.
  • Complete Math homework every night to practice new skills, as well as a chance to discover problem areas
  • Take notes during class so you can use them to create study cards for review.
  • Look for websites that talk about the Common Core Math Standards and provide examples of 8th grade Math problems
  • Attend Open School Night to get information about the specific Math curriculum used at your school
  • Ask your Math teacher to provide links to Math websites on your grade level
  • Look for ways to apply the lessons you’ve learned in class to real-world activities
  • Train yourself to think in terms of being able to explain why an answer is correct, not just finding the right answer 
  • Get into the habit of reading the entire chapter in your Math textbook  to get better at comprehending problems using Math-specific language
  • Ask for help as soon as you notice you are having trouble with a concept
  • Become part of a study group
  • Take a sneak peek at high school Math and science work. See what 8th grade skills you need to master in order to complete those assignments
  • Take advantage of study guides, especially ones that include sample test material
  • Ask your teacher to go over material with you that you missed due to illness.
  • Ask for study material for long vacation periods if your teacher does not provide it automatically

By mastering 8th grade Math, you are taking a step towards preparation for high school, college, and your future career.