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How To Find Assignment Writing Services Providing Free Revisions

If I was in the market for an assignment writing service there is no way on earth that I would use one UNLESS they guaranteed to provide free revisions. It is common courtesy and if a company/individual is reluctant or unwilling to do this then you should steer well clear of them. There are numerous reasons why you might require revisions:

  • * They may have misunderstood the brief and may not have delivered what you asked
  • * Key elements may be missing
  • * Certain elements may need rewriting due to plagiarism issues

It is standard and reasonable to expect people to revise up to three times three of charge. Any more than that and you are pushing it in terms of what you can reasonably expect.

So, how do you ensure that you find writing services providing free revisions?

Get them to confirm in writing

You don’t have to make a big deal out of this. However, when you make your initial inquiry simply ask by way of email whether they offer this service. They should answer yes or no. Leave it at that until you have cause for revisions.

It should be on their website

A lot of assignment writing services will advertise the fact that they offer free revisions as part of their marketing on their website. Having a good look around someone’s site should in any case give you a good indication as to whether or not they will be reliable and whether you wish to use their services.


Word of mouth and personal recommendations are by far the best way of finding out this information. I know that some people feel as though they are being cheeky by simply asking. By obtaining a referral from a friend you can find out this information without having to actually ask the service provider. Plus, with recommendations of this nature you are assured of the best possible service.

Phone or Skype them

It is the way of the world that a lot of companies will only do business via email and the internet these days. However, a lot are also keen to get a competitive edge and are therefore willing to hold skype calls etc. as a way of securing new business. Don’t be afraid to ask them outright.

REMEMBER. There is no reason why any company/individual should be reluctant to offer free revisions. IF they are confident in the quality of the service that they provide then this should not be an issue.