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Physical Science Homework Help: How Not to Get Stuck

A lot of school children have troubles with finishing their homework. Some parents blame the school and the curriculum, stating that the homework is too complicated to be completed and there is too much homework given. Others try to do everything possible to speed up the process and help their child pass thorough the school years. If you are the second type and are seeking for guidance, check this article, it will help you set your child on the right track.

Usual problems the children are facing when doing physics homework.

  1. The child does not understand why he shall do it or it is too boring. A lot of children, especially of young age do not understand the purpose of doing homework or studying at all, feeling more amused with watching TV, playing computer games or hanging out with friends. Due to the lack of motivation the child starts procrastinating, which results in more and more homework piling up.
  2. The assignment is too complicated or unclear. This problem steps forward when the child stops procrastinating and starts doing the homework. Physics is a subject you have to understand and spend a lot of time on. Problems and formulas will give a hard time almost to every kid. If the child does not understand, how to use the data and which formula to apply, no matter how hard he tries, the results will be zero.

A few tips how to help your child survive the school years.

  • Organize kid's afterschool time. This will help if the child is reluctant to do homework at all. Specify that there will be time for studying (1-2 hours) and leisure time. Free time shall come after the homework time, it will be an encouragement for your child to finish the homework faster. Do not simply believe your child that there is no homework today, better double-check it.
  • Work out a "token system", which will work as a small "payment"to your child. You do not necessarily have to pay the child with money, that is actually not a good idea.What you can use is a small brakes of usual rules, but so it will make a great difference to the child, for example additional half an hour to the curfew.
  • This is a tip for the case the child is stuck on some particular topic. Try to understand the assignment yourself. You may still remember some of this from your school years, or look through the books to revise it. After all, you are much more experienced than your child and it will be much easier for you to research it. After you understand it, explain to the kid, it will be much easier for him now!