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Social studies homework: help yourself

Homework is not known for being easy or fun.  It’s normally stressful and complicated, but sometimes a student puts added stresses on the assignment that makes it much worse.  So when it comes to writing a paper for a social studies class, a student needs to help himself by keeping it simple. Here are some simple tips to help a write a great paper for a social studies class by helping yourself.

  • Pick A Topic
  • When it comes to papers, sometimes the topic is picked for you, but in times you are given free reign, you need to pick a topic that means something to you.  If you are passionate about the subject matter, you will be  more willing to write it. It will be fun to do the research.   It’s really simple as that. If you are assigned a topic, then find a sub-topic within it that means something to you.  

  • Do not Plagiarize
  • This seems like a simple point that everyone will know.  But sometimes it’s not as clear-cut as you’d think. Sometimes it’s as simple as not correctly citing sources. Just remember as boring as it sounds, using the phrase “according to”  is sometimes the best.  It helps you remember to accredit someone else’s point to them. Correctly citing the sources of research you use in your paper will not only help add value to the paper, but make it sound more professional.  

  • Create a great thesis statement
  • Every great paper has to have a great point.  Creating a thesis statement is important because it ties the whole paper together.  From this one clear-cut statement the rest of the paper flows.  After the research process, a the writer you have to come to some clear cut stance, and creating a thesis statement will create a focal point and guide the paper.

  • Make a Point/Argument
  • In a paper for social studies you want to inform a reader on a topic but also lead them to a point of view that you see.  If you have a point of view and a clear-cut thesis statement, you will be able to guide the reader to a conclusion that you’ve found with your research.

Writing a paper doesn't have to be an overwhelming stressful project.  Keeping the basis simple and following these simple tips can help you lead to a great paper.  Remember that when working on homework, you have to help yourself.  Ask question, find the answers via your teacher or helpers.  But remember to really take the time it needs to complete the assignment.