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7 Great Reasons Why Students Should Have Homework

Most people who are over the age of 50 would never question the usefulness of homework. It was a rite of passage and many would even say that they only achieved the level of success they are currently at because of good assignments. Still, modern children may feel that it is not a good use for their time. Both arguments are valid.

A student who is determined can easily complete the entire year’s worth of instruction in a month with free online resources. One man has amassed the knowledge that is the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree exclusively through the use of open source courses. Still, homework is necessary for the following reasons:

Different students feel more or less motivated to study

There are people who would not even think about picking up their text books after school hours if they were not expected to hand in assignments the next day. They need the extra motivation.

The need to complete assignments at home creates time management skills

If there are several assignments that a student must do, the difficulty helps that student to develop time management strategies. This are useful in the workplace later on in life. Even if that person becomes an entrepreneur those skills still come in handy.

Actively reviewing schoolwork later in the day promotes learning

At home assignments can be seen as a way of reviewing what was learned in school. This makes students more likely to retain the information longer or even make it a part of their long term memory. Once this is done that data becomes almost impossible to forget.

Some students need to be occupied at home

There are children who may be very likely to engage in mischief if left to their own devices. Having assignments to complete may occupy them long enough to prevent some of their worst ideas from being enacted.

Looking at academic work in a different environment may spark different ideas

Some students who are shy around classmates may become more relaxed at home and see their subjects in a different light when alone. They may make new connections on their own and even learn to appreciate the material more by looking at it in their comfort zone.

These are only a few of the great reasons that students should do homework. The argument exists for a reason however and in the future it may become less necessary.