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Is School Homework Really Important?

We have all heard the common mantra; “Do your homework, so you can learn and pass your classes.” But how true is that? The fact is, even the experts cannot even be sure. So why is there a question about this? This is to look at this question, and find real answers to them. And will show that there is no true answer to this question.

  1. Studies show no Conclusive Information
  2. Two Points the Studies do Agree
  3. What is Best
  • Studies show no Conclusive Information
  • Depending on where the study is done, will depend one what type of results, the research will get. And what is even worse, to pick what area will give what type of results, is even harder. The results are so varied, that no expert can make an honest conclusion, on many of these researches. And if the research in one area, coves multiple schools, the chances for multiple results that will not agree with the others is also high. There are two points that do seem to run somewhat even, but only somewhat. So there is a lot of what is speculated, and not proven, about homework.

  • Two Points the Studies Agree
  • Remember, it was said that there are two points that somewhat agree. It is not that a conclusive number of studies agree, but that there is enough to take notice of these.

    • a) Elementary School
    • b) Jr. High and Above
    • Elementary School
    • Elementary school students show to benefit between very little to none, from homework. It seems research shows that homework here has little to no effect on the kids learning. So in this area, it would have to be said it is not important.

    • Jr. High and Above
    • Here is where the question shows some results, but again, not much. Between one to two hours of homework, seems to have good results in many areas. Many kids seem to respond better to little homework, than they do to none, or a lot. So there seems to be some importance in homework here.

  • What is Best
  • This is the $10,000.00 question. Experts continue to disagree about this. Many theories, suggestions, ideas, have been read on this, and there are too many views, and very little support. So maybe using homework to finish what was not done in class, and for projects? His will be a question that will be debated for decades, and very likely will have no conclusive evidence either way.