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Homework help for college students what you should know about plagiarism

Though writing papers with the access to the information we have today seems easy as never before, a common student must be very careful. The problem od authenticity of work has taken so big forms that several decades ago professors started thinking about ways to check if the student wrote a paper himself. With the development of computer technologies and Internet, this process has become much easier. Online services, such as TurnItIn and others offer plagiarism check that compares your paper to thousands of other papers submitted from all over the world. Plagiarising of even small amounts from other works can cause you serious problems in your university, up to excluding.

What is considered plagiarism?

Requirements to what cosider as plagiarism differ from the university to university, as does the maximum possible percentage of matches in the paper. However, there is one rule, which is applied in different ways. Plagiarism is direct words, taken from someone else that you want to appear in the paper as your own.

Why do students decide to plagiarize?

Nowadays it is known to each and every student, when the professor check the paper for plagiarism. Yet a lot of students tend to take the information from somewhere else. Mostly this happens because of an inability of the student to find good and credible sources. The student tends to think he will not get caught and gets in trouble. Also plagiarism can appear by accident, as a result of improper citation or paraphrasing. The student here did not intend to paraphrase, however, he may still be punished for this.

How to make sure your paper is plagiarism-free?

To avoid sanctions, you need to be careful and make sure you won't have any troubles with the plagiarism in your paper.

  1. Keep the amount of direct quotes within allowed. The professor usually sets the minimum amount of plagiarism allowed, usually around 10%, so you can use direct quotes when necesary. Do not exceed the allowed measure.
  2. Paraphrase. If you already reached the possible quotation limit, paraphrase the information you found, it will slip past the detectors.
  3. Use plagiarism checking software. The membership is usually not that expensive, but you will be able to make sure you are safe. But first of all, find out which software your professor is using. If it stores papers for future use, like, for instance, TurnItIn.com, avoid it as your paper will appear 100% plagiarized if submitted twice.