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Expert Advice On How To Stop Procrastinating On Your School Homework

Procrastination is a common problem that many students have especially when they are getting used to the pressures of post-secondary education. If you were the sort of person who never had to study or try very hard in High School, you may find College and University to be a huge awakening. In fact, it is students who are used to doing well without putting in much effort who are likely to suffer from procrastination. This is why we have collected some expert advice on how to overcome this common problem.

Overcoming Your Procrastination Problem

  • Get An Agenda or Scheduler
  • First things first, you are going to need to get into the habit of writing your assignments down and when they are due. If you don’t have one already we highly recommend that you go out and purchase an agenda book or student planner. Then, whenever you have a new assignment due WRITES IT DOWN.

  • Make A Homework Plan
  • Once you have mastered the art of actually writing your due dates down, the next thing you must learn to do is plan your homework time out. Basically, count the days between when the project is assigned and when it is due and make a realistic plan for getting your project done that only requires a bit of work each day. By breaking your assignments up into different days the tasks will seem less overwhelming.

  • Stick To The Plan
  • Now the hard part: In order for this to work you need to stick to your commitment to work on your homework assignments each day for the planned amount of time. Forget the attitude of “putting it off until tomorrow”.

    Learning the discipline to make a plan and stick to it is a valuable life skill that will serve you well even outside of school.

  • Reward Yourself For Getting Things Done
  • A common reason why procrastination occurs in College and High School is because there is so much extra-curricular going on. We aren’t saying that you must always be doing homework and never doing anything fun. Instead, use your planner to document when fun activities are occurring and set your goals accordingly. Making next weekend’s homecoming party a reward for finishing that weeks assignment on time is a great way to program yourself to prioritize assignments

If you don’t procrastinate you’ll get better grades, it is just that sample. Head this advice and you will overcome your procrastination habits in no time.