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In Search for Answers for Social Studies Homework

Finding an answer for a homework question should be a simple task, but sometimes no matter how many times you flip through your book and reading material you just can’t find what you are needing.  When you are looking for an answer and can’t find it, it can become very stressful and cause you to just walk away from the assignment.  So here are some tips for finding answers in social studies homework assignments and remaining calm.

  • Skip ahead
  • If you are able to move along to the next question, you might be able to keep moving forward and stumble on the answer for the question you are having difficult with.  This technique doesn’t always work, but it’s been proven to be good to not focus on the one problem to the point of pain.  Sometimes walking away from the difficult moment can make the answer sort of just appear, where you didn’t see it before in your stress.

  • Call A Friend
  • Calling a friend to ask for help is one thing.  Don’t ask them for the answer, that’s another thing.  But when you can’t find an answer for your social studies homework, you can call them and see if that study buddy friend has found the answer.  They can then help you think it through, or direct you to a page number in your social studies book or extra reading material.  

  • Do an Internet search
  • When doing an internet search, make sure you are using advance settings.  You don’t want 2.7 million articles full of ads and none useful websites.  But Googling or searching for the question can be good because it will give you insight into how others are thinking about the question.  And again, finding resources are good, cheating is bad.

  • Talk to your teacher
  • This technique only works best if the homework isn't’ due the next day. But when you go back to school, talk to your teacher.  Tell them how you’ve searched, where you’ve looked and that you’ve missed the answer and see if they can guide you in finding it.  Again, ask for assistance, not the answer.

These are some tips when searching for an answer in your social study homework.  It can be difficult to find an answer, but with these tips things should go easier.  Just remember that taking the time to think things through and try to keep the stress at the minimum and you should be able to find every answer to any social studies question.