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Where Do I Need To Go To Get Reliable Homework Help Completely For Free?

There are several good choices that you can use to get free, reliable homework help.

  • Your tutor/professor.
  • It is always worth seeking help and advice from your tutor, especially if you are not really sure exactly what the requirements are for the work they have set. And it’s free to ask!

    They may feel that if several students are having difficulty they may decide to devote a lesson to the background that is needed to complete the work.

  • School Homework Club.
  • Some schools offer an after school or break-time support club for different areas of the curriculum. This can offer some free support from other students on your course.

    These clubs can be very useful especially if the tutor that is running the club has a specialist in your field of study. You could also start your own self-help group.

  • Homework help web sites.
  • These are usually free, and hold a wealth of information that you can use. They can offer useful course notes, as well as samples of ideal answers to essay questions.

    Other services may include worked examples of math or science questions that you may be able to adapt and use for your own work.

  • Homework Chat Rooms.
  • This can offer an alternative to the type of after school support. You can post you query in the chat room and see what advice that other students may be able to offer you.

    The downside to this is that although you may find a very helpful and supportive group, until you hand you work in and it is marked you will not know if the advice is accurate.

  • Video presentations.
  • Many tutors and students will make video presentations and to talk you through some of the more difficult concepts. The quality is generally very good and it’s free!

    They can also annotate essay work to illustrate tips strategies that can gain you extra credit. The really great aspect of this is that you can play the video link several times.

  • Tutorials.
  • These may be scheduled at for particular times. They may even be referred to as webinars, they are usually free and may be interactive. Usually really good quality.

    The tutorials are usually based around areas of the curriculum that may be more difficult to understand or have complex concepts (e.g. calculus).

  • Some sites may offer free tutor support.
  • If tutor support is offered it may only be an initial or introductory offer. You can ask for help working out a math or science challenge or advice on sentence structure.

    This is good if you do not feel that you may need frequent online tutor support or you are testing out whether it is worth paying out for the service.