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5 tips to order a good math homework tutor

Many parents become frustrated at the prospect of hiring a suitable tutor because there are unique needs for each family and many tutors to boot. So how can you ensure you order a good math homework tutor? Follow these 5 tips:

Tip #1: Know your goals. Ask yourself or ask the teacher the following:

  • What level of help is needed? Is it just basic homework help that is needed or intensive study? Or is it something in between?
  • What areas should be improved upon? Is it a single subject? Is it general skills? Is it study skills? Is it motivation?

Tip #2: Know the options.

  • Check with the school for recommendations on tutors. Many schools have the resumes of approved tutors on file.
  • Look through your local paper and see if there are tutors listed there.
  • Call a nearby learning center and ask for recommendations. Generic learning centers can help with general issues like comprehension but can recommend tutors for help on specific subjects.
  • Ask friends and neighbors if they have any recommendations

Tip #3: Money

  • Price is often a big consideration when selecting a tutor so it is important to consider value. Before you consider the actual cost of a tutor ask them what their payment policies are ahead of time. Ask if they require cash at the start of each session or they you can prepay for a month or if they will bill you at the end of each month.
  • Ask about cancellation policies. Some tutors need 24 hours of notice while others will be more flexible. Knowing can save you quite a bit of money.

Tip #4: Test the options.

  • Verify the credentials of the potential tutors carefully. You want to see how well the skills of the tutor match your needs. Remember that just because a tutor does not meet your needs does not mean they are a bad tutor; it simply means they are not an appropriate fit at this time.
  • Ask for their educational background. If you are hiring a tutor to help you with math they should at least have a minor in college in math. Obviously help for a first grade student is less demanding.
  • Ask what experience they have teaching. See if the tutor has worked with children similar in age and ability to your child.

Tip #5: Partner for good results.

  • You should watch how the tutor relates to your child and sit in on part of a session if your child is comfortable with that.
  • Monitor the progress made by your child and see if there is anything you can do to help reinforce the lessons they learn while working with the tutor.