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Physical chemistry homework: getting handle on formulas

Physical chemistry formulas can be very tricky especially if you miss a step or do not properly take notes. This is why it is important to embrace the following tips when you are in class and at home.

  • Tip #1:
  • While you are in class it is important that you write down notes. Writing by hand reinforces the concepts that you learn and enables better learning. While it might seem faster to use a computer a science course with a multitude of formulas will be better suited by hand written notes. Why? So that you can write down formulas with odd or special characters as well as charts and graphs that would otherwise be time consuming to dictate on a computer. As you take notes in class you need to write down everything that the teacher does. If your teacher feels it important to write something on the board then it is very important that you do as well. You might not understand a graph or an equation at the time but writing it down allows you to go back and review at a later date.

    As you are reading or taking notes it is good to put a sticky note or otherwise mark sections that you don’t understand. If a particularly tricky concept is difficult at first you can mark it and return to it during office hours or with a tutor at a later date.

  • Tip #2:
  • Make a special study space. After class you need to complete homework and study your notes from the days’ lecture. It is important that you find a special place to call your study space. This should be the same spot that you use each time you are doing your physical chemistry work. It is important though that this spot have everything you will need to do your work. If you need a lab in order to do work then you will need to rent or reserve the lab space as per your academic institution. If you just need a few tools such as a calculator then keep all of these items in a separate bag and carry them with you when you go to study.

  • Tip #3:
  • The day before a class review the notes from the previous class and look over the section that you are going to cover. This will help give you a preview of how your previous lesson ties into the upcoming lesson.