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I Have So Much Homework: Tips that Will Solve the Problem

If you are struggling with homework there are many things you can do to ensure productivity is high.

  1. Create a homework calendar. Have the big calendar posted somewhere visible. This calendar should be a place where you mark all of the due dates you have. Having a large monthly calendar will keep things in perspective for you. You can also benefit from marking down the most important items in order of what needs to be done first. It can be very beneficial to mark assignments in your calendar in colored pencils with erasers. You can use a color pattern to indicate the most important all the way down to the least important items. If you have a math test due Friday and math studying is most important on your list Tuesday you might mark it in red. But if you are given a set of science problems Tuesday morning which are due Wednesday morning you can erase the math studying from Tuesday and put it in yellow with the science questions in red. This will show you with a quick glance what things take priority. Then when you finish your science questions and still have time to spare you can look at the calendar and see what is next in order of importance.
  2. Set a timer. It is important for your brain to focus on homework at the same time each day. If you study regularly it will be much easier for you to knock out little pieces or small milestones of your homework in no time. Working a bit each day will make your work load much easier. For example: if you have twenty new Spanish vocabulary words to memorize before Friday you can break it down into four groups of five words and memorize five words Monday through Thursday night in preparation for Friday. This alleviates the stress of trying to memorize all twenty the night before the test. When you work regularly your brain will turn on to homework mode faster when that specific study time approaches which saves you a lot of time trying to get into the swing of things or trying to focus. When you are working you should set a timer so that you do not worry about looking at the clock repeatedly and can divert all of your attention to your work.