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Finding Social Studies Homework Answers For College Students

Finding social studies homework answers was easy when in high school, but it can be much more difficult in college. Much of the work assigned to high school students is about regurgitating information directly—often identically—from a simple textbook. In college, there are more complex assignments which require the student to be more organized and do more research. Here are some strategies for helping students to find the answers to their college homework assignments.

  1. Keep good notes or record lectures.
  2. Both recording your lectures and keeping detailed notes will help enormously if you plan ahead of time. Taking notes will also reinforce the information in your head, so that you have to do less research when it comes time to complete your homework assignments. Recording lectures doesn’t help you learn as much on the fly, but it is invaluable for going back and finding details that you may have missed in note taking.

  3. Use your texts and assigned readings.
  4. Keep your texts, assigned readings, and other sources from your instructor in an organized manner, so that you can easily reference them when you’re on the search for answers to your homework assignments. Highlight important points and take notes while you read, so that you don’t have reread entire books and articles to find an important answer to a homework question later.

  5. Go online.
  6. Of course, sometimes you need an answer to a homework assignment and you haven’t planned ahead or stayed as organized as the first two tips recommend. While it’s a good idea to change your habits to make it easier in the future, you still need answers to your homework right now. Turning to search engines online can be really helpful at this juncture. Search the exact wording of the question on your homework assignment—you’d be surprised at how often the answers are posted directly online somewhere.

  7. Go to the library at your university.
  8. Often, library aides at college libraries are your best source for finding particularly obscure answers to questions. They are, after all, experts at researching university materials, so they’ll be more than happy to help and to offer you the benefit of their knowledge. As an added bonus they can teach you great research strategies for finding future answers on your own, so that the next time you’re stumped by a homework question, you can find the answer yourself.