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Asking a classmate for answers to social studies homework

One of the more difficult aspects of coursework is the work you’re expected to complete independently. It’s no secret that many otherwise good students hit a wall when it comes to completing their homework assignments, and they turn to various methods to help them complete the assignments on time. Social studies homework is no exception. It may be tempting to try and get the answers for your homework assignments from other classmates, but this isn’t the recommended method of completing your homework, for a number of reasons. There are many other ways to complete your homework without plagiarizing your classmates answers.

  • Form a Study Group
  • For students that are having a consistently difficult time completing each homework assignment, one way to get help is to form a study group including other classmates. In a study group, the student won’t be requesting that other students simply answer their questions for them, but will instead be cooperating as a team to complete homework together. This has several advantages over cheating off another student. For one thing, the student will be learning more in the process, because they will be having a discussion with several other people to help them fully understand the correct answers and why they’re correct. They’ll also learn the methods and strategies their classmates use to get the correct answers, which can help them in the future.

  • Hire a Tutor
  • Tutors function much in the same way that study groups do, but they require that the student pay for their services. However, the student will have more control over setting a schedule and the tutor will be giving them more personal attention than they might receive in a study group. Also, tutors are more invested in completing the work because it is a paying job; a study group may fall flat because other students aren’t interested.

  • Hire a Homework Service
  • This is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable way for students to get answers for their social studies homework. Unlike cheating off of another student, the teacher will not be able to compare two papers and know the student didn’t come up with the answers themselves, so the risk is much lower. Also, most homework services employ people who are academically exceptional, so the student can be assured of getting a good grade on their homework. Homework services cost money, of course, but it’s money well spent.